"I took my car to 5 SPEED and five days later I won the lottery! Coincidence? I think not"
(OK, we made this one up)

"5 SPEED has done virtually everything on my car that has been done so far and has pulled me out of the mire on more than one occasion."
- Neil, Melton Mowbray



No matter how good a car is when it rolls out of the factory, it is very difficult to imagine there were no areas where the manufacturer had to compromise; for time constraints, to keep development costs down or even just to ensure the car makes a decent profit when it leaves the forecourt.

Every car has its weaknesses, and this is where we come in.

5 SPEED understand the areas of your car that can be improved. Whether it's a small tweak that makes a huge difference, or a significant upgrade that transforms the entire car, 5 SPEED can help you.

So, what are you dreaming about?