"5 SPEED have loads of knowledge, plus tea & coffee!"
- Steve, Nottinghamshire

"5 SPEED has done virtually everything on my car that has been done so far and has pulled me out of the mire on more than one occasion."
- Neil, Melton Mowbray

MX-5 dashboard


In addition to making your beloved '5 go faster, corner harder and stop shorter we offer full servicing facilities to keep your pride and joy in top condition.

Whether you are after a full bumper to bumper service including brakes, cam-belt, filters and a thorough examination, or just an oil flush and change to cure those noisy hydraulic lifters (tappets), 5 SPEED can cater for your needs

With an in depth knowledge of the MX-5 that only a fellow owner and enthusiast can procure we guarantee to give your car the treatment she has been crying out for all her life.

You've heard of Project Christine, owned by Steven Morecroft for at over half a decade so you can be sure that we are not going to run up bills trying to figure out how to fit or repair something, whatever it is we've done it before and we're well practiced at it

We don't just supply and fit the best, we employ the best too. Our technician, Steven has many years experience as a professionally qualified Motor vehicle technician and is a fully paid up member of the Institute of the Motor Industry. Having started his apprenticeship with Subaru and later having been headhunted by Ferrari, he knows a thing or two about quality of service!

Whilst our technicians have been trained to the highest possible standards and have worked on the most exotic machinery money can buy such as Aston Martin and Bentley, their car of passion is the MX-5 and will treat it with care that will astound you.

Whilst we would advise that as a minimum requirement you keep to the Mazda service schedule, please feel free to ring us for any intermediate work you feel may need doing. After-all you can't change your oil too often!

Either email or ring us with your specific requirements or browse our set price service menu.

5 SPEED's quick guide to servicing
Mileage Frequency Job Price guide
250 Miles Weekly Check the Oil level
Check tyre Pressures
Check coolant level
Check Lights
Check Brake / Clutch Fluid Level
Free - You ought to be doing this yourself!
Any queries, ring us!
3,000 Miles 3 Months (High Performance Cars / Cars used in hostile environments e.g. Track use) All the above items plus :-
Clean engine with additive, flush used oil, replace with new plus Mazda OEM Oil Filter
From £60
7,500 Miles 6 Months Clean engine with additive, flush used oil, replace with new plus Mazda OEM Oil Filter
Check Power steering Fluid Level and condition, top up if necessary and investigate for leaks
Check operation and adjustment of Handbrake
Check clutch pedal for proper height and free play
Check brake pedal Height
Check Battery condition
Check and adjust Engine drive belts if necessary
Inspect Engine bay hoses for wear/deterioration
Check cooling system integrity and antifreeze condition
Check Automatic transmission Fluid Level
Inspect the braking system for integrity, leaks, pad wear, disc condition left/right bias
Check operation of and grease all catches/locks/hinges
Check exposed cables for free play tolerance and grease exposed length where required
From £90*
15,000 miles 12 months All the Above items plus
Check condition and operation of Air Conditioning system
Check condition and operation of seatbelts
Check Level and condition of manual transmission oil level
Check level and condition of Differential unit Oil (especially important on 1.6 Mk1 due to relative weakness of rotating assemblies)
Check Condition of Driveshaft Boots
From £110*
30,000 Miles 24 months All the above items plus:-
Inspect Fuel system for integrity and replace Fuel filter
Inspect and if necessary replace spark plug wires
Replace spark plugs with correctly gapped new spark plugs of correct heat range for application
Flush and renew coolant
Inspect Exhaust system integrity
Replace manual transmission oil
Replace Differential unit Oil
Replace Automatic transmission Fluid
Check and if necessary, replace PCV valve
Check and if necessary, replace carbon canister check valve (turbo/supercharged cars only)
Check Ignition timing
From £190*
60,000 miles 48 months Replace timing belt, rollers, tensioner and external drive belts
** Water-pump replacement
Not a schedule item but suggested when performing 60,000-mile service, as failure of unit requires removal of timing belt
From 150*
** £40 extra
  As often as possible REDLINE IT! When road conditions allow, accelerate to at least 6000rpm, The B series engines fitted to the MX-5 do not make peak power until 6500rpm and continuously short shifting will choke the engine with oil and partially burned deposits. Allowing your engine to clear her throat once in a  while will help maintain performance and keep your engine cleaner.  

*Prices do not include VAT and are shown as guide only. Prices do not include cost of parts